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Car Shipping to Abidjan

We specialize in shipping Cars and Personal effects from UK to Abidjan (Ivory Coast).

We can arrange car Shipping to Abidjan on Ro/Ro (roll on/roll off) or in containers. With Ro/Ro overseas shipping, your car will need to be taken to the port and then secured inside the special vehicle ship. The vehicle will then be driven into the vessel at either of our UK ports mainly Tilbury and Sheerness, and driven off the ship on arrival in Abidjan.

We can also ship in Steel Containers to Abidjan. We offer 20 foot containers for 1 vehicle and 40 foot containers for two vehicles. Container ships ship from Felixstowe or Southampton port in the UK, whereas Ro/Ro is from Tilbury port.

Customs Regulations in Abidjan:

1. Cars are dutiable.
2. Permission to circulate is granted for 3 months, after this point one must pay Customs duty or     export the vehicle.
3. Documents required:
   -Import permit.
   - Letter of Authority.
   - Passport.
   - Car Logbook/v5 - From Abidjan Bureau of Standards.
   - Purchase Invoice.

Rates to Abidjan:

Vehicle Type
Ro/Ro Cost/Prices
Container Prices/Rates
Saloon Vehicle e.g BMW 3 series
4x4 Vehicle e.g. BMW X5
Vans e.g Renault Kangoo
2 cars(saloon / 4x4)