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Durban Sea Freight Services

Fastlane forwarding can assist in the movement overseas of goods from the UK to durban by sea. This method of shipment of shipment has become very popular during the years expecially for those client looking for a cost effective way of moving goods like cars, trucks, buses, Machinery and so on.

Throughout the years,two methods of shipping sea freight have proved to be more popular i.e Roll on Roll off sea freight (Ro/Ro) and container sea freight.

Roll On Roll Off (Ro/Ro)

This method of sea freight shipping involves the cargo being driven onto the ship before departure, and off the ship on arriveal. For this method of shipments, it is required that the goods must be mobile i.e can move on its on wheels. However, good that are immobile can be loaded onto specialised sea freight trolleys before being shipped to their destination.

Container Shipping

Container Sea Freight Services offer a safe and convenient way for freighting ones goods,vehicles or personal effects. Goods can be loaed inside the container, and sealed securely before shipping.

We offer the following types of containers:

  • Standard dry containers e.g 20 foot and 40 foot container.
  • Refrigirated container and insulated containers.
  • High cube containers (20 foot and 40 foot).
  • Hard top container
  • open top container
  • Flatracks & Platform container
  • Ventilated container
  • Tank container
  • Bulk container

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