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Fastlane Car Shipping is one of UK's most widely known, reputable car export companies and handles over 9,000 individual shipments every year. We've created a buzz in the industry because we can also source, purchase and export cars wordwide.

We are involved in shipping saloons and convertibles, classic cars, motorcycles, trailers, caravans and boats. Our main methods of shipping are through Containers and Ro/Ro vessels

40ft / 20ft Container.

This is the best way for Securing your vehicle in a container bound for an overseas destination. If allowed or applied, a 20' or 40' container is delivered to your doorstep, either live load container shipping or drop off shipping method, where you load and secure everything, including the vehicle, inside the container. The container stands about 1.22m above the ground. So, you will need to secure(hire) a flat bed towing truck to bring the vehicle on a level with the container, push the vehicle into the container, block the tires of the vehicle, and last but not least, strap the car down in the container so it will not move around.

Roll - on/roll - off shipping.

Allows for fast, cost effective overseas shipping.

The lashing and securing is done in a similar way to containers, by special span sets that secure it from shifting while in transit - for example chain lashings with tension levers. From Yachts, locomotives, and helicopters on cradles, to whole fleets of rolling stock such as autos, buses, big rig trucks, heavy construction equipment, etc. Anything that can be placed on wheels can be shipped using the Ro/Ro vessel From Yachts, locomotives, and helicopters on cradles, to whole fleets cars, buses, big trucks, heavy construction equipment and so forth.

We can also offer collection / delivery to your home on a car transporter or you may collect or deliver to or from the sea port in order to keep costs to a minimum.

So, whether this is the very first time your business has needed to find shipping services for trucks or whether you are looking for a freight company in the uk that can become a long term business partner, just get in touch.

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